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Ressources en anglais pour les 3 à 6 ans

Sur cette page vous pouvez consulter sur votre ordinateur les vidéos et musiques utilisées en cours d'anglais depuis Septembre 2016.

Cette page est mise à jour de façon hebdomadaire afin de continuer à surprendre les enfants dans leur apprentissage et préserver leur curiosité sur les cours à venir.


Emotions - Feelings
If you're happy
Ten in the bed
Five little Monkeys jumping on the bed
Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes
Put On Your Shoes
Jingle Bells
We wish you a merry Christmas
Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer
Santa is coning to town
Transportation song by the singing Walrus
Do you like spaghetti yogurt?
Old Mas Donald
Inside an easter egg, it's dark !
Granny, Grandad, Daddy standing in a row...
I love my family
Over and Under
We're going on a lion hunt
The Opposites Song
Here we go, oh oh, seasons of the year!


Warm up
Freeze dance for Kids
A tooty ta song / thumbs up ...
New hello song by the singing walrus
I'm so happy, sing with me!
Emotions - Feelings
Hello, Hello, How are you today ?
Introduce yourself
what's your name?
I can sing a rainbow
Here is the beehive
The marching numbers 1 to 10
Animal Songs
Baa Baa Black sheep
Goodbye Song
Goodbye Friends !
It's time to go home
Granny, Grandad, Daddy standing in a row...
Action Verb : Superhero
I'm a Superhero from Genki English
Good Manners : Please and Thank you
Good Manners song
Good morning to you
Twinkle twinkle little star
Row row your boat
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